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How to Choose a Body Piercer

23 June 2012

Thinking of getting a body piercing? Then it’s vital you choose a reputable piercer who knows what they’re doing. Hygiene, experience and professionalism are key things to look for. Here are some basic tips on how to choose a body piercer:

1. Do your homework. Ask your friends if they can recommend someone. Then go and visit a number of studios to get a feel for them.

2. Find out how they sterilise their equipment – do they use autoclaving? If they don't want to talk about it or refuse to show you, don't consider using them. A lot of serious illnesses can be transmitted through unsterilised needles, including hepatitis and HIV.

3. Ask about their previous experience. Do they have formal qualifications and portfolios of new and healed work you can see? It is ideal if they have images of the particular piercing that you want.

4. What is the studio like? Is there ample lighting? Does everything look well-organised and clean? If you get to see the piercer in action, make sure they disinfect everything properly, including heir hands, piercing tools and body jewellery.

5. Trust your gut. If something doesn't feel right or the piercer doesn't take time to respond to your questions and alleviate any concerns you h ave, it's probably not the est place for you to get pierced.

6. Make sure the piercer provides good information on aftercare.

Once you’ve chosen your piercer, here are some other tips on getting pierced. Try and eat at least two hours before getting your piercing. Wash the area which is going to be pierced. Let the piercer know about any transmissible diseases you have or conditions like hæmophilia.

And once you’re pierced, make sure you follow a proper aftercare regime to prevent infection and aid healing. Once you’ve healed, you’ll be able to have fun choosing a variety of different jewellery to fit the piercing. Always buy jewellery from a reputable store and make sure it is designed specifically for use in body piercings. All our body piercing jewellery is high quality and hypoallergenic.

If you’re having trouble finding a good piercer, contact us and we’ll recommend one!