Hypoallergenic Earrings
Get Your Ears Pierced Now and Heal in Time for Summer!

16 October 2012

When choosing where to get your ears pierced, make sure you go to a reputable outlet, like a pharmacy or piercing specialist.

We supply two health certified piercing systems to the New Zealand market - Studex Universal and System 75. Both systems are designed for optimum hygiene and minimum discomfort. The Studex piercing instrument has been used safely for 25 years and System 75 is a newer, faster, quieter piercing system.

Both Studex and System 75 offer Titanium studs for extra sensitive ears and all Studex studs come with butterfly clasps which prevent the bacteria build-up that can occur in bullet style backs. They are also easier to keep clean than other ear piercing studs. Shorter and longer posts are available depending on the size of your lobe - smaller posts are perfect for children's ears.

Although ear piercing studs are made from surgical steel, they have a thick post and sharp end and are only designed to be worn for 6 weeks, after which, we strongly recommend you continue to take good care of your ears by wearing quality earrings.

Euro hypoallergenic earrings are ideal and come in a wide range of fashionable styles to suit any occasion.

What to expect when you get your ears pierced

  • The piercer will wipe your ears with an alcoholic solution and mark where the piercing will go.
  • They will then load up the piercing instrument with your preferred choice of earrings.
  • The piercing procedure should be relatively quick and painless.
  • For hygiene purposes, make sure the piercer has changed the end of the piercing instrument before you are pierced.
  • Initially your earrings may stick out from your ears. This is normal and should settle down after a day or two.
  • Make sure you follow a stringent aftercare plan to prevent infection.

Contact us for a list of reputable ear piercers in your area.