Hypoallergenic Earrings


Graham Glamuzina, founder and entrepreneur, began his richly varied business career on July 4, 1960, when he took over a small bankrupt pharmacy in Glendene in Auckland's Wild West. Over the next 20 years with characteristic tireless energy, a series of retail ventures were built into a local business empire comprising land, buildings, a photographic store, hi-fi shop, several video libraries and a supermarket.

Meticulous planning has always been a Glamuzina hallmark. For a number of years grandfather clock-movements were imported from Germany, the cabinetry built locally and the finished clocks exported to Japan, America and Australia... all operating from inside the supermarket! In the late 1980's many of these retail and wholesale businesses, the land and buildings were divested.

Glamuzina Corporation was formed in the early nineties when Graham, joined by his son Phillip, firstly daughter Lisa and then subsequently Suanne, set about developing the Studex agency. Initially the main focus was ear piercing.

Fashion jewellery was a logical addition but as the business developed and its product range grew, another range was needed. In 1997, while at a trade show in New York, Graham noticed some curious-looking characters with stainless steel embedded in their faces... Body piercing became a significant addition and is an increasingly mainstream fashion statement.

What next? We're not sure... but we'll keep you posted.